Meet the Author: Trang Moreland

Meet Trang Moreland, author of Just Smile and Say Hello 

Monday, December 4 @ 4-6pm.

Trang Moreland grew up in southern Viet Nam.  At age 21, she immigrated to the United States.

After overcoming language and cultural barriers, she was able to finish trade school and become a successful business owner.

Her present business, Trang’s Family Salon, has received much recognition in the community, including the Twin City Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year award in 2011.

Just Smile and Say Hello

“They found him, dead in his bed. Starved to death.”

“Rumor has it, he’s the third one this week, and it’s getting closer all the time.” The concern in Grandma’s voice was frightening as she added, “I’m afraid one of us might be next.”

For the next few nights, I lay wide awake, worrying someone in my family might die. Maybe my mom, or grandma, or brother or a sister—

Maybe it would be me!

Growing up in a hut with a dirt floor, no running water, and no electricity was challenging enough without worrying how long our food supply would last. But these adversities were common in Viet Nam.

I longed for a better life. Maybe I could live in America some day!

But first, I must survive deplorable living conditions, limited resources, and primitive healthcare. But I could dream!

Just Smile and say Hello is a true story—my story—about how that dream came true. It’s a journey from poverty to prosperity that spans halfway around the globe and examines two completely different cultures.

The story will reveal my upbringing, the miracle that brought me to the United States, and why I resisted that miracle at first.

I share with the reader the culture shock, and how I turn that shock into knowledge, and knowledge into success.

I hope my story will educate, entertain, and most of all, inspire you. Once you see where I have come from and what I’ve done, you will realize that nothing is impossible!